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Quality control

Gres is always focus on quality control and product improvement, all materials for shower door are carefully selected:


Gres choose the tempered glass with national 3C certification and the European EN12150 standard and also Australia standard. These high purity and good permeability tempered glasses have 3-5 times bending strength and 5-10 times impact strength comparing normal glass. The fragment tests in any (50±1)mmX(50±1)mm areas, the numbers of the fragments were counted about 50-70 pieces to ensure safety in use. Gres offer high quality easy-clean glass shower door.


Aluminum profile: 

Gres use high-quality 6463 aluminum profiles which have good corrosion resistance and toughness features. Quality of Anodize is also strictly controlled by a series of test.



Stainless steel is grade 304, some unique shaped handles are made by zinc alloy. For chrome plating, pass 24 hours the acetic acid salt spray test, the coating on the surface of accessories reach grade 10 standard for 10 years working life .


To achieve less than 5 of 100000 reject, every products promoted into markets are in compliance with EN14428:2004 with strict test as below:

Ø  Metal material composition test

Ø  Aluminum oxide film thickness check

Ø  Anodize seal test

Ø  Glass fragment test

Ø  Plating layer analysis

Ø  Corrosion resistance salt spray test

Ø  Safety impact test

Ø  Life cycle test

Ø  Water test


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